This weekend’s BoxNation screened British super-welter bang-up between Welsh warlord Liam Williams and Dulwich dance master Ahmet Patterson has really got the trade tattling.

Glynn Evans canvassed 13 of British boxing’s finest tutors to find out where they were laying their pound.

Adam Booth

(London trainer)


I expect Patterson to have success early in the fight because of his style, sharpness and confidence. But Williams is deceptively clever with his strong pressure style and will take over the second half of the fight to win on points.

Dominic Negus

(Romford trainer)

Liam Williams is a great talent; very strong and he can hit. But I see Patterson pulling it off, provided he doesn’t stand in front of him. Martin Bowers is a very underrated trainer.

Ahmet’s been on the back burner for a while and this is his break out moment. He’s different, throws his shots in an unconventional manner which are hard to anticipate. He’s got different angles. He’s unique; far smoother and slicker than Gary Corcoran.

Anthony Farnell

(Manchester trainer)

Williams for me. They’re two quality unbeaten fighters with similar skill levels but Liam is stronger and more vicious. Nasty! He’s got a lot of body strength and punches in bunches. He’ll go far.

Patterson has lovely skills and reflexes. He had a good win away from home against Chad Gaynor but Liam Williams isn’t Chad Gaynor. It’ll be a very good fight while it lasts but Ahmet lacks the brawn to subdue Williams and I expect the Welsh lad to get him out of there late on.

Alan Smith

(Bromley trainer, on left. Image credit: NowBoxing)

Alan Smith

It’s probably the most 50-50 domestic fight of the last five years.

I had Liam at my gym sparring Brad (Skeete) and I was genuinely shocked by how strong he was. He’s also very tricky. His technical ability is massively underrated.

Ahmet doesn’t hit as hard but he’s exceptionally fit and just as slick and clever. The first four rounds will determine the winner. If Ahmet can take his power he’s in with a very good shout. Hard as I try, I can’t split them. Sorry!

Carl Greaves

(Newark trainer)

It’s an extremely competitive match-up. I took (interim WBA welter champ) David Avanesyan to spar Patterson and I was very impressed with Ahmet’s skill. However, he’s not the biggest puncher and I doubt he can last in the trenches with Williams when it gets tough. Williams is huge at the weight, more experienced and has boxed at the higher level. I expect Liam to win by late stoppage. He’s a quality all rounder who I expect to go far.

Dom Ingle

(Sheffield trainer)


I’ve had Liam Williams sparring Kell Brook and I’m impressed. He wasn’t at all fazed or intimidated. Fighting is second nature to him. He’s very keen to test himself. He’s naturally tough and strong.

Against that, he probably likes a fight too much. We had Tyan Booth, a very tricky lad, up against him early in his career and Williams got very frustrated, very quickly. Gary Lockett will need to keep him calm from the corner.

He’ll need to stay patient because I wouldn’t be surprised if Ahmet outboxed him for long periods. He’s a very slick mover who won’t meet Williams head on. But Patterson operated down at welter for most of his career and is fighting on the big stage for the first time. Williams by close points decision.

Peter Stanley

(East London trainer)

It’s a quality trade fight which the public will really enjoy. Liam Williams doesn’t do much wrong but if Ahmet uses his brain and keeps his discipline, he outworks and outpoints Mr Williams. Patterson’s fitness is incredible, he’s deceptively strong and he possesses the tools to spring an upset if he can maintain a cool head.

Joe Gallagher

(Manchester trainer)

Joe G

I’m always impressed with Williams’ shot selection and he’s the one with the experience of the big shows. But he’s got a lot to lose here.

Patterson has less of a profile and is an unknown source but I hear great things about how he’s conducted himself in gym wars. He’s an underrated puncher by all accounts but Williams looks very solid.

If pushed, I’m going with Patterson to pull off an upset. If he can drag Williams into a ‘fight’ like Gary Corcoran did, he can nick this on points.

Michael Jennings

(Chorley trainer)

I really like Williams. He does everything well; he can box, apply pressure, he’s sturdy, he can punch and he’s fit. Gary Lockett will have him prepared 100%. Patterson has nice skills and moves but isn’t the biggest puncher.

I expect Williams will apply too much relentless pressure and eventually get to Ahmet and stop him. Williams has too much for anyone in this country bar Liam Smith and he’d not be out of his depth there.

Mark Tibbs

(East London trainer, left)

Mark Tibbs

Though Liam Williams is a big puncher and very accurate, I think Ahmet has the style to defuse him and nick the tightest of decisions....even across in Wales. Ahmet gets off in two shot combos - rather than just singles – and hides behind that left shoulder, similar to what Mayweather does. Ahmet has this natural awkwardness. I can see him frustrating Williams and getting into his head.

Danny Vaughan

(Liverpool trainer)

Patterson will definitely cause Williams problems with his jab, slickness and movement. But I don’t think he has sufficient power to fend off someone as strong as the Welsh kid for 12 rounds.

Williams finds a way to win even when he’s not at his best as he proved against Gary Corcoran. If he can make the ring small, Liam can win by stoppage late on. He’s not far off world class. He’ll be fired up to prove he’s worthy of the Liam Smith fight.

Graham Everett

(Norwich trainer)

What a cracking contest. I rate both very highly plus two fabulous trainers; very tough to call.

I don’t think we’ve seen what Ahmet Patterson is capable of yet. I’ve been in the gym with him and he’s very, very skilful, really smooth and relaxed; a clever operator. He’s also ridiculously fit. He runs to the gym, spars 12 rounds, then runs home again!

Liam Williams is one seriously tough, determined man but his own crowd might get to him and have him too fired up, just like in the Corcoran fight. Patterson will present different challenges and I see Ahmet's extra bit of class getting him across the line.

Tunde Ajayi

(East London trainer)

What are you doing to me? Gary Lockett is my mate and Ahmet trains at our gym!

Williams must hit very hard because he stopped Gary Corcoran who’s a really tough so and so. But Liam can box as well. He’s got a stellar amateur pedigree and is the Young Boxer of the Year, remember.

But Ahmet’s come through the hard way and received no favours. He does everything well. He’s really elusive – just look at his fresh face – and he’s unbelievably fit. He could box 24 rounds.

And he’s a harder puncher than his record displays. He simply boxed at the wrong weight for too long starting out. I’ve seen him hurt far bigger guys in the gym. He’s spiteful to the body.

If the occasion doesn’t get to him, I edge to Patterson nicking the tightest split decision.


Final Score: Williams 6, Patterson 6, 1 undecided

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