Ahead of Saturday’s pound-for-pound clash between double Olympic gold medallists Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, BoxNation has collected various predictions on the mouth-watering match-up.

Mikey Garcia (Three-weight World Champion) - Rigondeaux

Mikey Garcia

I’ve been waiting for this fight! Both very skilled fighters, Lomachenko has the size advantage but as far as skills I’m not sure. Still, his skills and size advantage should allow Lomachenko to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rigondeaux pulled it off with the way he’s dominated some of the top guys. (FightHype)

Freddie Roach (Trainer) - Rigondeaux

It’s a good fight style-wise. Lomachenko is a bit bigger but Rigondeaux is one of the best defensive fighters I’ve ever seen and [Lomachenko] is one of the best offensive fighters I’ve ever seen. You can’t play with [Rigondeaux] though! I do like Rigondeaux in that fight. I’d pick him to win. (FightHub TV)

Roy Jones Jr (Four-weight World Champion) - Undecided

You can't find two fighters better on paper to put against each other. That's the best fight I’ve ever seen made on paper, and I can't wait.

Rigondeaux has got to box and break the rhythm of Lomachenko with those big power punches, and Lomachenko has to use that volume punching that he does to keep Rigondeaux off-balance. Whoever can carry out the plan will be the winner. (BoxingScene)

Bernard Hopkins (Former two-weight World Champion) - Lomachenko knockout 

Lomachenko will win and by knockout, in the late rounds. (ESPN Deportes)

Adrien Broner (Four-weight World Champion) - Rigondeaux

Rigondeaux easily. [Even with the weight difference] he wins easy. (ESNEWS)

Robert Garcia (Trainer) - Lomachenko

Robert Garcia

They are both very talented. It’s a fight that’s going to show us who the best fighter in the world is when it comes to skill. I think the size will make a difference, I lean towards Lomachenko. Lomachenko throws a lot more punches than Rigondeaux. (ESNEWS)

Roberto Duran (Four-weight World Champion) - Rigondeaux

It's a very good fight, but I'm going with Rigondeaux, he’s going to be stronger, faster and the punching power is going to increase. People are deceived, they think that when you gain weight you automatically get slow and lose power but that's a lie. When you gain weight you are stronger, faster and you punch harder.

It's going to be the same outcome as Rigondeaux and Donaire. (ESPN Deportes)

Paulie Malignaggi (Two-weight World Champion) - Lomachenko

I favour Lomachenko. I think Rigondeaux is the better fighter overall which says something as both guys are really complete fighters, I do think if you can tire out the older fighter in Rigondeaux then the side steps will bother him. He’ll also get tired because he’s the smaller fighter and the bigger man pushing you will make you tired.

So while Rigondeaux is the slightly better fighter, I think because of the difference in age and the difference in natural weight I favour Loma. (MMA and things)

Gary Russell Jr (WBC Featherweight World Champion) - Rigondeaux

Russell Jr Lomachenko

In my fight with Lomachenko, he fought a watered-down version of Gary Russell Jr. I was flat. I honestly feel as though Rigondeaux will win the fight, of course. Rigondeaux’s power is underrated, Loma’s power is overrated. (FightHype)

Teddy Atlas (Pundit) - Lomachenko points

Lomachenko has been more active I think that’s a big deal here. I think if this fight would’ve happened five years earlier, maybe it would’ve boded better for Rigondeaux. The age and the inactivity and then the size. I think that’s a little bit of an advantage for Lomachenko.

A lot of the time size wouldn’t be an advantage when one fighter is so much smarter, so much more qualified and developed in the areas where Rigondeaux is qualified and developed. In this case, he’s meeting another guy who is just as qualified and developed in those areas. And he’s bigger, so I think it’ll probably be a unanimous-decision win for Lomachenko. (BoxingScene)

Nonito Donaire (Four-weight World Champion) - Lomachenko

Rigondeaux v Donaire

It’s a great fight. I give Lomachenko the advantage, he has height, weight and all of that. I don’t doubt Rigondeaux’s slick ability but I don’t know how he’ll face a guy who’s a southpaw too. (FightHype)

Angel Garcia (Trainer) - Rigondeaux

It should be a good fight. I like both of these fighters but if were to choose one I’d go for Rigondeaux. The reason why is [Lomachenko] likes to come in and Rigo is more of a counter-puncher.

Loma will try to rush in and Rigondeaux will do what he does and measure, catch him with straight lefts down the pipe. I have to go with Rigondeaux but we don’t know. (ThaBoxingVoice)



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