Rising Super-Featherweight stars Lyon Woodstock Jr and Zelfa Barrett had a few words to say about each other recently, as a future fight continues to build.

2017 has been a good year for both prospects. On October 21st, Barrett became English Champion while Woodstock won the WBO European belt on the same show in Leeds.

Woodstock outpointed the tough Craig Poxton in a candidate for Fight of the Year, but Barrett warned that those sort of wars may not be beneficial in the long term. 

"It's not a fight you really want to be in - it puts miles on the clock - but if you have to do it, you've got to do it. He's shown he's got heart and character," he told the BoxNation Podcast.

When asked if Barrett rates his rival as a fighter, he replied: "I rate him as a person. He's a nice guy. He's a good fighter. Anybody in my weight division, they all can get it. So I'll just say he's a good fighter and I respect him as a person.

"I only do my talking in the ring. There'll be no fight talk, there's nothing personal. He's a cool guy, he wants to do his family proud so you can't take that away from him.

After hearing Barrett's comments, Woodstock took exception to the way Barrett answered that particular question.

"You guys asked him 'Do you rate him as a fighter?' I don't like it when people can't say what they're really thinking or feeling. If you don't rate me as a fighter then say that.

"Don't say 'I rate him as a person'. That's just being a b*tch. I don't like being a b*tch. If you don't rate me as a fighter then make yourself known. I rate him as a fighter and as a person. Don't beat around the bush, I ain't that type of person," he added.

The Leicester boxer would like to know where Barrett stands: "I rate him as a fighter and a person, he's an alright guy. I ain't cool with that beat around the bush stuff. Make it known so I know where I stand and I know where to put you."

Regarding Barrett's comments about the war with Poxton, Woodstock argued that those sort of battles come with the territory of being a fighter.

"That's what happens. We came into this sport to fight. People are really downgrading Craig Poxton, I don't understand why. He is a good operator, look who he's been in the ring with."

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