FLOYD MAYWEATHER AND MANNY PACQUIAO may have been exchanging words for some years, but the superstar fighters had never met face-to-face until Tuesday evening, January 27 at a Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks NBA game in Miami.

Mayweather meets Pacquiao

Mayweather and Pacquiao sealed the deal. Shook on it. Exchanged phones and typed in each others' numbers. pic.twitter.com/A1Fv18xQXj

- Grant Smith (@StrategySmith) January 28, 2015

The welterweight world champions had courtside seats directly opposite one another. At halftime, 'Money' Mayweather walked across the court to greet Pacquiao. The men shook hands, chatted briefly and then exchanged phone numbers.

Pacquiao confirmed that Mayweather gave him his number so that they could 'communicate with each other'.

According to GMA News, Mayweather visited Pacquiao in his hotel room after the NBA game.

Mayweather is currently the WBC and WBA World Welterweight champion and 'Pac Man' Pacquiao holds the WBO World Welterweight Championship.

The pair have been coined as the best fighters of their generation - if they were to fight the revenue could reportedly exceed $250 million.