Marco Huck and Dmytro Kucher came face-to-face at a press conference this week, and tensions threatened to boil over at the City Hall in Hannover, Germany.

Their IBO World Cruiserweight Title fight live on BoxNation is a cracking match-up. Huck ruled the division for seven years and now faces the hard-hitting European Champion.

Just as the press conference was about to start, the Ukrainian challenger grabbed Huck’s belt and both camps came to blows as glasses were smashed.

Everybody involved then suddenly froze as it came to light the fighters were staging their own Mannequin Challenge, the latest viral video craze sweeping the internet.

Afterwards, Kucher said: “This is the first time that I have ever done something like this, but it was a lot of fun.

“I am in great shape and I’m looking forward to the fight on Saturday. Obviously I want to win but I don't care about how I do it,” added the 32-year-old.

‘Captain Huck’ was quick to regain his focus and concentrate on the weekend’s contest at the TUI Arena.

“I am always up for some fun. But on Saturday I am all business. I am a lion inside the ring.

“Everyone knows that a KO is guaranteed in this fight. No one will have time to get a beer because the end is near with every minute that passes,” he added.

Watch Marco Huck v Dmytro Kucher live on BoxNation at 8pm this Saturday.