Double-Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams is breaking ground once more on May 13th, moving up to three-minute rounds on her Leeds homecoming at the FD Arena.

Speaking to The Ring about why she decided to move to longer rounds, and how she’s adjusted to the pro game, Adams thinks the longer distance will be good for women’s sport and her personally.

“You just need that extra minute, you’re learning all these new things in the gym and you can’t try them out in two minutes. I have two minutes to find my rhythm, distance and take out my opponent. It’s not enough time.”

“I found by the end of the rounds, I needed a couple more seconds and it would be over. Now we have three minutes, I’m able to relax more, establish the jab, find the rhythm properly and really get in the swing of things.”

Team GB’s golden girl discussed adjusting to the professional game and how she had a lot more to learn. “I have a lot to learn in the pros, in terms of technical style, the different moves, angle changes, slowing my feet down and placing them so I could get more power…the press conferences, the face-off. I really enjoy the experience!”

The biggest comparison you can draw between the growth of women’s boxing is the explosion of women’s UFC. Adams is aware of the parallels: “Our biggest competitor is UFC, the women in UFC do the same amount of minutes as the men. If we’re going to compete with that we need to be on the same level and in smaller gloves. You can’t get the stoppages in two minutes!”

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