Double-Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams is known for breaking down barriers and isn’t making any exceptions in her professional career, stopping game opponent Maryan Salazar in 3 rounds last time out.

Speaking to The Sun, when asked about the upcoming mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr., Adams was emphatic in her response, “I can see the interest, for me, Floyd Mayweather’s going to win hands down.”

Echoing much of the boxing public opinion, the Leeds native is sure Mayweather’s boxing skills will be too much for the Irish UFC star, “It’s just a show really for everybody, a bit of a performance, a bit of entertainment.

“It’s not something you get to see everyday, a UFC fighter boxing a top class boxer, I definitely see Floyd Mayweather winning by knockout.”

Conor McGregor is a newcomer to both amateur and professional boxing at the highest level, and when asked how she’d fare in a boxing ring against him Adam’s said, “[I’d win] yeah, definitely.

“Yeah definitely in the boxing ring, I don’t know about in the octagon, but in the boxing ring.”

The Double-Olympic champion’s highly anticipated next fight is set to be announced soon on BoxNation.