SATURDAY IS VALENTINE'S DAY, but as billed the WBO Lightweight eliminator between British champion Terry Flanagan and Dublin's Stephen Ormond certainly won't be for the romantic.

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Boxing writer Glynn Evans canvassed 20 of Britain's leading trainers to see who their shilling was on.

Bob Shannon (Manchester)

It's going to be a humdinger of a fight and a hard one to pick.

Stephen Ormond is a good kid who takes people out and Terry's well-schooled and quite a big lad for his weight.

Bob Shannon

If pushed, I'll tip Flanagan to overcome a few scary moments and win clearly on points. He's not a bad technical boxer when he tucks up and works behind his jab. He's a strong awkward southpaw who can be quite hurtful. He's also got a good head on him. I see him stepping across Ormond and out-boxing him.

Martin Bowers (Canning Town)

I'm going with Stephen Ormond, even taking account for his age and inactivity, and the fact he's had less (pro) fights. He's always in the gym and I hear he lives the life. I like his style. He always seems able to adapt.

Flanagan has never really set my world alight if I'm truthful and I expect Ormond to be too much of a man for him.

Second half, I see Ormond's better boxing brain beating Flanagan's better work-rate. It's possible Ormond will catch up with him and walk all over him.

John Breen (Belfast)

It's a hard fight for both and it's basically down to who performs on the night.

I hear very good reports about Stephen Ormond from my contacts down in Dublin. They think Flanagan is an easy fight for him. He's been well looked after and he's a super fit kid. He'll certainly be up for it.

But as it's over in England, I like Flanagan, probably on points. I think he hits a wee bit harder.

Gary Lockett (Cwmbran)

I go for Flanagan, just. It's going to be a cracking fight. There's a lot to like about Ormond. He's strong, solid and compact and he's had some good victories. He compensates for his lack of height by being rough and rugged. He's a very hard man.

But I sense that Terry Flanagan might just have that little bit extra and be better all round. Not many have wanted to go up against him since he impressed by winning Prizefighter. He's a good rangy southpaw and I back him to win on points.

Brendan Ingle (Sheffield)

I go for Stephen Ormond and wouldn't be surprised if he stops Flanagan. The Collins Brothers won't be sending any of their fighters over to the mainland to get beat. They don't associate themselves with losers.

Flanagan will have to nail him to the floor to lick him. Ormond is a proper tough bastard.

John Costello (Birmingham)

I'll go with Terry Flanagan in a cracking fight. He's actually my pick of the British lightweights. His work is very clean and I sense he'll be physically stronger.

Ormond's a cracking lad and always 'turns up' but his style is made for Flanagan and Terry won't have to go looking. I actually see Flanagan winning quite comfortably.

Tony Borg (Newport)

If Flanagan is at his best, he probably has the tools to win but if he starts to flag, Ormond could stop him late with those little gloves on.

They're both pretty fresh and very hungry so it's going to be a brutal scrap. I sent (ex-British super-featherweight champion) Gary Buckland up to spar Flanagan recently and there's times when Terry gets lazy and sits on the ropes. He could get hurt if he adopts those tactics against Ormond.

But Flanagan has good hand speed and impresses when he lets his combos go. Ormond will definitely be there at the end but I predict Flanagan will win it.

Terry Flanagan

Carl Greaves (Newark)

Flanagan. Stephen Ormond has possibly boxed and beaten the better opposition but style-wise I just think he's made for Terry.

Flanagan's a natural size bigger, knows how to use his range and is the better boxer from distance. He's an awkward southpaw with good skills and decent power.

He's got all the tools to stop Ormond bulling inside and working him over. He just has to use them on the night. If he can keep it long, Terry can take it on points.

Paul Stevenson (Liverpool)

It's Terry Flanagan's fight to lose. Stephen Ormond boxed my Nathan Brough in the amateurs and I remember Nathan saying how fit and tenacious Ormond was. He did really well to beat Derry Mathews up here in Liverpool and he's probably boxed the better pedigree. He's very committed; a handful for anybody.

But Flanagan is a tall, rangy southpaw who's very good at what he does. I just side with him to win on points in a very interesting, competitive fight.

Michael Jennings (Chorley)

I'll go with Terry Flanagan. He's already a good young fighter and he's improving all the time. He's a skilful boxer who can fight a bit and he's shown he can dig deep. He's got loads of bottle. Ormond is game, mind. I expect it'll be a really good, competitive fight.

'Arnie' Farnell (Manchester)

It's a real 50-50 fight; a top fight. They're both as good as each other and it really will be a case of who delivers on the night.

Terry has the better skills whereas Stephen Ormond is as tough as hell and will force Flanagan to work like he's never had to work before.

I'd like to see Terry win simply because he's local to me but if you put a gun to my head I edge ever so slightly to Stephen Ormond on points. It'll be a distance fight. Both are tough as you like. I'd only put 10p on it!

My concern is that Terry likes to fight too much. Eventually I think this will materialise into a pure fight and Ormond is the better fighter.

Mark Tibbs (Canning Town)

Both go forward so it should be very lively. I've been aware of Stephen Ormond for quite a while. He's helped us out with sparring for Kevin Mitchell in the past. He was decent then and has improved a lot since. He's turned into a good old pro.

But I sway slightly to Terry Flanagan on a close points decision. He's really on a roll and I suspect he's a tad fresher.

Tunde Ajayi (Canning Town)

I'm expecting a quality, long hard fight between two good hard men. I don't see any stoppage.

It'll be very even. I'd certainly not bet on it but I just lean to the youth and tenacity of the 'Turbo'. Both are volume punchers but youth is always a problem once a fighter passes 30. I expect Flanagan to be quicker and to have the better range. He's also very, very big for lightweight.

Lee Beard (Stockport)

Both like to throw so it should be a cracker.

Both like to come forward and are very busy. Neither has shown himself to be a big puncher recently so it'll probably go the distance. If there were to be a stoppage, it'd likely be late on, more a 'wear down' process.

I probably fancy Terry. He looks the stronger of the two physically and I sense that'll be the difference on the night. It could be very close, mind; possibly a split.

Jason Rowland (Loughton)

I expect it's going to be a cracking fight for BoxNation. Stephen Ormond is definitely a gutsy fella but I doubt he's got the tools to upset Flanagan.

Terry has the size and shape to keep in long. He's a 'hard to track down' southpaw. I see Flanagan winning on points.

Dominic Ingle (Sheffield)

Flanagan wins. I know Stephen Ormond beat Derry Mathews but at this late stage of his career, Derry blows hot and cold.

Flanagan's a tough kid, unbeaten. He's strong, game, has a lot of determination. I'm impressed every time I see him.

He seemed very frustrated against a substitute opponent last time. This is his chance to 'break out' so I expect him to shine.

Danny Vaughan (Liverpool)

I see Stephen Ormond's work ethic as being decisive here. He's extremely fit, very tough and showed against Derry (Mathews) that he just keeps coming.


Though Flanagan is a slick boxer with nice movement, he's not really been tested at top level yet. Martin Gethin wasn't a real test. This fight, Flanagan will get hit back and I'm not sure he'll have the power to fend Ormond off over 12 rounds.

Terry likes time and space to pick his punches but Ormond is very good at closing the gap. I see Stephen outworking Terry and beating him on points.

James Cook (Hackney)

I go with Terry Flanagan probably by late stoppage. Stephen Ormond is a good fighter and there's scope for even more improvement but Flanagan has better movement, a sharper boxing brain and will out think him.

Graham Everett (Norwich)

This is a really, really tremendous fight that will almost certainly go the full distance. It's almost impossible to split 'em. There's pros for both. Flip a coin!

I've seen Ormond against (Paul) Appleby and Adam Dingsdale and he's a formidable force. I know from contacts that the Irish rate him very, very highly.

If pushed, I edge ever so slightly to Flanagan. He's on a roll at the moment, got a great trainer and he's naturally bigger. That size could prove the distance.

Alan Smith (Bromley)

This could be special. These are two real good kids. I envisage an incredible fight that could end on a controversial cut due to the southpaw v orthodox clash.

I've huge respect for Stephen Ormond who beat my man Adam Dingsdale. He's a proper little buzzsaw with an exceptional work-rate; a good all round fighter from a top camp. Packie Collins is really starting to come through as a trainer.

But Steve Maylett has also done a fabulous job with Terry Flanagan, who's developed into a quality southpaw with a decent work-rate himself. Not many do to Martin Gethin what Flanagan did. He completely demoralised him.

Tentatively, I'll go with Flanagan on points. It's a 60-40 pick and certainly won't be a walk in the park either way. Terry's massive for a lightweight. Question is, does he fit into the frame?