Paddy Barnes and Sunny Edwards traded blows over Twitter on Friday, with Edwards claiming the Belfast man is running from him.

The beef started after WBO Inter-Continental Flyweight Champion Barnes called out World Champion Sho Kimura, but 6-0 Edwards took exception to seeing that story.

"What is wrong with this division," he asked. "If you can’t beat me how can you be ready for a World Title?

"In such a thin division I’m running out of opponents to try and fight. Might have to move up to Featherweight or something," added the Croydon Super-Flyweight.

Barnes, who is aiming to be fast-tracked towards a World Title shot this year, argued that a fight with Edwards would be a backwards step.

"I’ve just called out the World Champion and now have a wee d*ck like you call me a sh*thouse for not wanting to take a massive step back," he said. "Stop tweeting me now I’ve given you enough coverage."

Edwards claims Barnes' team were offered the fight but turned it down over the new year: "I haven’t called you out for no reason - your team turned it down. When Kimura doesn’t want to fight, instead of a Hungarian journeyman pick up the phone to me and we can tango."

"Never fought a Hungarian journeyman in my life," responded Barnes who denied that he'd turned down the bout.

Barnes presser

Over the weekend, Edwards continued baiting the Northern Irishman, re-tweeting tweets saying he would take Barnes to school and that Barnes is scared.

The 22-year-old also replied to a Barnes fan, insinuating he would outbox the triple-Olympian: "If you know boxing you’d know it’d be the bull and the Matador. Paddy gets too angry."

Both boxers have big personalities and it's likely their verbal sparring will continue in the future.