The war of words has continued to brew up between Juan Carlos Payano and Rau'shee Warren ahead of their World Title rematch this Saturday night live on BoxNation.

Last August’s tussle was a brilliant barnstormer which Payano edged on a split decision, now the pair can settle the score once and for all on the Fonfara v Smith Jr topped show in Chicago.

"I felt like I clearly won the first fight. I thought the two judges that scored the fight for him were going to give it to him no matter what. The fight was in his backyard. It really hurt me when they raised his hand. I felt cheated,” stated the challenger, Warren.

On the contrary, the Super WBA World Bantamweight Champion Payano believes it was the right decision.

"I ran him ragged from post to post. It was the champion chasing the challenger!” revealed the Dominican southpaw.

Both fighters have remained inactive since their first fight, with Warren working in the gym to correct the mistakes he made: “Payano is not getting out of this one. I won't be finished until he stops. He's going to try to get away from me, but I'm going to use what I'm doing in the gym to take him out smart. I'm way smarter now and a knockout is going to come!”

A fight with Jamie McDonnell could be in the pipeline should Payano come through unscathed.

"I plan to win even more convincingly this time. I'm going to use my ring intelligence and not fight on emotion like I did in the first fight. I'm going to fight smart, but my style is my style. I don't know how to fight any other way, so it will be another great fight.”

Watch Payano v Warren this Saturday night from 1.30am live on BoxNation.