Frank Warren has revealed he’d be more than happy to see Zolani Tete fight Jamie McDonnell on a Matchroom show for the WBA World Bantamweight Title… And he’d even cough up for his man’s purse!

“I’ll tell you what I would like to do, put McDonnell in with Tete on a Matchroom card and I’ll pay for his purse!” revealed the promoter.

Frank continued: “Where was Tete in the Sky’s Bantamweight top 10 rankings?”

The classy South African puncher returned to BoxNation screens with an emphatic stoppage over Jose Santos Gonzalez back on March 12’s show in Liverpool to send a message to the Bantamweight division.

“If you want that Matchroom, pick up the phone! I’ll pay for his purse and they can have the fight. I will deliver my man Tete, you haven’t even got to find his purse!” challenged the BoxNation supremo.

Speaking with Kugan Cassius, Warren concluded: “Cut through all the stuff about ‘we can’t make fights’, here’s another one I’m delivering you. We’re in the business of making fights for the fans and cut out all the nonsense. It’s the fights that matter, it’s the fights the fans want to see.”

Skip to 9.45 for the Tete talk from Frank Warren here: