Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin led the assembled media in a prayer for DiBella Entertainment stablemate Prichard Colon at the press conference ahead of his WBA World Middleweight title challenge against Daniel Jacobs.

Colon was left in a coma after collapsing following his 17th October defeat against Terrel Williams, and was recently moved to a rehabilitation facility on his long road to recovery.

Quillin took to the podium in New York last night to pay tribute to Colon and his family.

“I’m going to do something totally different. I don’t want to be disrespectful to nobody, but I want to actually say a prayer for Prichard Colon. We talk about praying, but I want to take the time right now to pray for him. And if anybody feel disrespected, I’m sorry, because for me I just want to show my respect for somebody that’s fought so hard,” Quillin said.

Starting his prayer, Quillin added: “I want to thank god so much for having the opportunity and the impact. I want to pray for Prichard Colon, lord, that you may be able to see him through his storm, lord. Watch over his brother while you give him the strength. Lord, make sure that you provide another day for him and his family. Give him the strength. Amen.”

The Cuban-born, Brooklyn-based fighter went on to thank a number of people, including defending champion Danny Jacobs, for giving him a chance to fight for a world title once again.

You can see Quillin’s emotional interview in full at 26m 54s below, courtesy of FightHub TV.