An intriguing Middleweight crossroads contest tops the big Canelo v Smith undercard.

Gabriel Rosado and Willie Monroe Jr collide with the winner kicking on and the loser falling to the back of the World Title challenger queue.

Speaking on a pre-fight media call to promote September 17th’s show in Dallas, the pair made their feelings known as tensions started to boil in what promises to be a fan friendly matchup.

GABRIEL ROSADO: “Honestly, I don't even know who Monroe thinks he is. He thinks he's a big puncher or something and people are scared to fight him. Nobody knows who the hell he is. I told [Eric] Gomez just, whoever it is, just make it happen, doesn't matter. Willie's acting like he's being ducked, like he's some big puncher. He's really not that special. He only fought one world class…”

WILLIE MONROE JR interrupts: “I didn't know punching was the only aspect of boxing.”

GABRIEL ROSADO: “You didn't fight nobody. You didn't fight no world class fighters. You fought Triple-G and you quit, and I'm going to make you quit too.”

WILLIE MONROE JR: “That's all you can say. But you're like the middleweight guy. Every time a middleweight has you, he's run through you.”

GABRIEL ROSADO: “You ain't special. You fought a bunch of ESPN fighters.”

WILLIE MONROE JR: “Okay, and I'm about to fight another one.”

GABRIEL ROSADO: “Okay. Whatever. I beat world class fighters. I've got world class fighters on my resume. You didn't beat nobody special. You're a bum, dude. I'm going to show you're a bum."


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