South African Zolani Tete picked up the WBO World Bantamweight Title in his last fight with a dominating decision win over Arthur Villaneuva, dropping and shutting out the Filipino. Having picked up his second World Title in as many weight classes he is now looking for the big fights.

His promoter, Frank Warren is eager to set up a unification fight between Tete and new Champion Ryan Burnett, reiterating this desire to iFL TV, “I understand Ryan Burnett’s next fight is against Zhakiyanov for a unification for the IBF and WBA Title, so I have a great idea. Ryan [Burnett] fight Zolani Tete.

“We’ll pay for Tete, the promotion won’t have to pay for him, we’ll give him another 20 grand. [Burnett] can say to his promoters whatever you’re paying for Zhakiyanov and the 20 grand put that in my purse.”

Tete's team first discussed the fight at the start of June, as the slick southpaw revealed he would love the chance to unify.

Warren is concerned that Burnett’s entourage would talk him out of accepting what would be a massive financial payday, “That’s a fantastic deal. [Burnett] would get both purses and 20 grand and a unification fight! Don’t let them talk you out of it or change your mind.

“This is a big fight, [Ryan Burnett] fight Zolani Tete! We made a formal offer a couple weeks ago, I don’t know if they told him about it but they turned it down. I’ll bring [Tete] to Belfast park him up in your front room and you can fight him!”

A match-up between ‘Last Born’ and Northern Ireland’s Burnett would be a mouth-watering clash between two of the best Bantamweights in the world and looks an intriguing one for the future.