Fans all over the world are wowed by Gennady Golovkin, the fearsome puncher rapidly emerging as a superstar. GGG’s fan base is likely to grow this weekend in his middleweight unification against David Lemieux.

His trainer Abel Sanchez believes it will match Marvin Hagler v Thomas Hearns which will delight everyone watching on BoxNation. Boxing is having a love affair with GGG. Here are seven reasons why:

1) Nothing impresses more than a fighter who is a KO King. When it comes to taking out opponents, Golovkin is regal. 30 of his 33 opponents have been taken out a staggering 91%. 17 of his victims haven’t made it past round three.

2)  GGG always looks to get the KO. Many top fighters are content to box their way to victory if they cannot shift a rival, but the Kazakh ace is always looking to hunt down challengers.

Gennady Golovkin

3)  He was a brilliant amateur, claiming 345 wins in his 350 fights and won a world amateur title in 2003 and an Olympic silver the following year. Of current top pros only Vasyl Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigondeaux had more amateur bouts, but he has surpassed them so far as a professional.

4) Although his dynamite fists are the talk of boxing, Golovkin’s amateur pedigree has helped bring a lot more to his game, and that delights purists. He has excellent technique, brilliant balance and sometimes it’s timing as much as power that breaks opponents. He doesn’t waste a shot.

5) Golovkin is a true sportsman. He is rarely heard trashing rivals, and after each fight is always embracing them in the ring and asking their well being. Britons who were defeated by him Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray speak of Golovkin as a wonderful person outside the ring.

Triple G Golovkin

6) He was an underdog who came from nowhere. His BoxNation debut in December 2012, a WBA title defence against Lajuan Simon drew just 100 fans to a Dusseldorf hotel ballroom. There was such little interest in him, his backers were offering him for chump change to get work. He is now a pay-per-view attraction and selling out Madison Square Garden.

7) Gennady lives and breathes boxing. Too many top fighters are often spotted not living the life of an athlete. The Los Angeles based middleweight king is always looking to improve and spends hours on end looking for way to improve with trainer Abel Sanchez in California’s Big Bear Mountains.

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