Mitchell Smith has opened up about defeat to George Jupp back in December and his plans moving forward.

“I’ve picked myself up, it was a devastating time for me. All I can do is get back in the gym and work on things and sort out what I done wrong,” revealed Smith.

‘King Mitch’ continued, “The defeat has made me a better person in life. It doesn’t matter how good you get, I was getting a little arrogant. How I performed in the presser was a little bit cocky, it was probably the best thing that could have happened.”

Mitchell Smith

George Jupp leapfrogged into the WBO World Rankings with the somewhat shock victory back in December and the Harrow and Weald star hopes to get a chance to rectify the defeat.

“I’d like a warm up fight before, get the weight down properly but if I have to do it the hard way by all means. Fingers crossed we can get the rematch on and put things right.”

Speaking to the Cassius and Helder show, the 23 year old confessed his lifestyle out of the ring may have played a part in the downfall of his first professional defeat.

“I got caught up in it, it got in the way of my boxing. I’ve got to stop living the high life and focus. I’ve stopped being a bit of a party man. I’ve got a new flat, so I’m living properly now.”

During the Jupp defeat, Smith sustained an injury which has delayed his return to the ring.

Smith v Jupp

“I broke my hand in round one or two, it didn’t take much out of me but its put me back a little bit. I’m back punching at the end of February. Hopefully if it heals OK, I’d like to get out in April.”

Smith was previously keen to fight the British Featherweight Champion Ryan Walsh, who KO’d Darren Traynor earlier this year on BoxNation screens. After the fight, Walsh’s loyal ‘Farmy Army’ fans were vocal, chanting: “We want Smith, We want Smith!”

“It’s nice to still be spoke about! Fair play to him, he beat an OK lad and at the end of the day you can only beat what’s in front of you,” said the former Punch of the Month winner.

“If that fight can be made easy enough, hopefully it’ll happen in the future.”

Watch the full interview below: