There is no love lost between Liam Smith and Liam Williams. After the controversial end to their first fight, Smith has routinely called the Welshman a ‘quitter’ in the build-up to their Newcastle rematch on November 11th.

In their first bout, Williams stormed ahead to an early lead before Smith started to close the distance. Cut badly with a resurgent Smith waiting in the other corner, Williams was pulled out of the fight by trainer Gary Lockett due to the severity of the cut on his right eye.

The scouser maintains that Williams knew he was going to get stopped, and let his trainer pull him out. Speaking to BoxNation earlier this month, he reiterated this point. “Both [Williams and his corner] spewed it. If he never he’d be sitting here World Champion.

“Gary [Lockett] said after the fight to people I know that I was coming on strong, he thought I was going to stop him and was going to pull him [out] anyway. [Williams] let Gary pull him out and was happy for him to pull him out!”

In the rematch Smith plans to start quicker, arguing his opponent will just wilt under the pressure earlier this time. “The minute he’s in a tough fight again, the next time the chips are down and he feel he’s come unstuck, he will quit!

“It’ll be competitive early on, I’ll be better early on. Soon as I make it competitive early on he’s going to fade earlier. The minute he gets the doubts and he starts to fade and I’m still there he’ll go ‘here we go again’ he’ll spew it,” ‘Beefy’ confidently predicted.

Liam Smith faces Liam Williams in a rematch in Newcastle on November 11th, make sure you get your tickets as the fighters settle the score.