Time is ticking until May 7’s huge fight at the newly opened T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas between Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya believes the winner will go on to become the name in boxing now that several high profiled fighters have seemingly hung up their gloves.

Khan v Canelo

“Now that Pacquiao retired, Mayweather is retired, the winner of this fight becomes the man!” revealed ‘The Golden Boy’.

Khan v Canelo is the standout super fight so far in 2016 with the intrigue of speed v power the key element to the fight.

“It doesn't happen often, including other sports, where just because you beat the man doesn't make you the man, but in this case here, you have two elite fighters, elite athletes, who are at the peak of their career, who are at the top of their game,” explained De La Hoya.

Victory for either man will unlock some lucrative bouts on both sides of the pond up at Middleweight and down a weight, or two!

“Whether Amir wins or whether Canelo wins, the winner is going to be the man in boxing for a very long time.”

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