Jesse Hart will go into the ring on Friday fighting for a World Title against Mexican Gilberto ‘Zurdo’ Ramirez, yet for Hart he has more motivation than just becoming World Champion.

The American Super-Middleweight has a recognisable last name, his father, ‘Cyclone’ Hart was known as one of the hardest Middleweight punchers of all time but never got a World Title shot. Hart enters the ring fighting for his family name, as well as the belt.

Speaking at a teleconference about how family history is motivating him to victory, the 28-year-old revealed: “It means a lot because we never had a belt in our household, This is personal for my family; we want to bring a belt back to our household.”

Hart, 22-0, has been patiently learning his trade, believing he is now a complete fighter. “I’m mature enough to see everything – when to box, when to move, when to hit a guy, when to tie a guy up, when to dig to the body...I’ve been waiting patiently to become a superstar.”

A traditional Philly fighter, camp has been expectedly gruelling for the World Title challenger: “I think this has been the hardest training I’ve been through in my life. It’s a damn near-death experience in that gym. It was war. There were times I was like, ‘Am I still alive?’”

Watch Jesse Hart challenge for the WBO World Super-Middleweight belt against Gilberto Ramirez on Friday, live on BoxNation.