The grudge rematch between Liam Smith and Liam Williams takes place this Saturday in Newcastle, and both men are itching to set the record straight.

Smith picked up a controversial win in the first meeting due to cuts suffered over both Williams’ eyes. Speaking to our partner 32Red, the Welshman has revealed he is better prepared this time round.

“Last time I believe I was good enough, I proved that to myself. This time I’m more confident. Training’s gone perfectly. I’m more than ready and I can only see one outcome.”

In the first fight Williams swept the early rounds before the former World Champion started to come on strong. The 25-year-old was ahead on all cards but the tide was shifting. Williams though, believes he had more than enough to win the last rounds.

“[Smith] was starting to come on strong but I easily had nine minutes in me. I could have ran away on the jab and nicked the last rounds and gone home with the win,” Williams added.

“It’s a fight I lost, I’m not impressed with having to go over it. I want to move forward, I believe I’ll get the win this time…he probably paced it better but now that I’ve been through it, that knowledge is only going to favour me.”

In the run up to the Newcastle bout the Liverpudlian hasn’t wasted time throwing verbal jabs. “He’s got a bully mentality by bringing other people down,” says Williams.

“Last time, I showed him too much respect. This time, there’s no respect. I don’t give a f*ck what he thinks or says. I don’t like him, I just want to punch his head in.”

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