Glynn Evans canvassed 10 of the trade’s sharpest minds regarding the outcome of the ‘pick ‘em’ Roses British Super-Lightweight scrap between Huddersfield’s Tyrone Nurse and Chorley’s Jack Catterall that takes place in Leeds on October 21st.

Steve Lillis (Journalist)

It’s a magnificent 50-50 match up, the type of British title fight that our sport needs.

Tyrone probably spars more rounds than any other boxer in Britain and is battle hardened, whereas Catterall has a good engine and has settled well with (head trainer) Haroon Hedley.

You can build a strong case for either but I fancy Catterall to bite hard on his gumshield and win on points. It’s the right fight at the right time for him. Nurse has probably reached his peak, Catterall is still developing.

While Tyrone can switch off, Catterall is always ‘there’, always busy. I see him racking up points, stealing enough rounds.

Josh Leather (Unbeaten Super-Lightweight Prospect)

Very interesting fight and it should be good to watch. I’ve sparred Tyrone but not Jack so I might be biased. Ty’s got real length on his shots, long uppercuts and hooks, and he can bang better than people think.

Catterall looks like he’s got good power and I like his toughness. Jack sits down on his shots better. If he’s to win, he’ll need to get stuck in and force a fight, like Joe Hughes did against Nurse.

It’s 50-50 but, if he turns up at his best, I go with Nurse on points due to his reach and slickness.

Joe Hughes (Super-Lightweight Contender)

It’s a fight I’m really excited about and a tough one to call. I fought both so know how good they are.

It was very hard to land clean on Tyrone. I know he’s been dropped but he can definitely take a shot. To give himself the best chance, he’ll need to stay behind his long jab and use plenty of movement, throw lots of shots from a safe range. He’ll not be able to hurt Jack.

Jack’s a strong kiddie and, though he never really caught me clean, I could tell he punched hard. He was good all round; good range, clever, knew how to shut the action down when needed. He kept his shape throughout. To win here, he’ll need to apply high pressure, cut Ty off, use his strength, work Ty’s body.

It really depends on the style that each implements on the night. Jack gave me the harder fight. He deserved his win whereas I thought I beat Tyrone (the fight was scored a draw) so I edge to Catterall. A stoppage is unlikely.

Bradley Skeete (British Welterweight Champion)

Tough fight. Though Tyrone has a similar style to me, I go Jack Catterall. He’s been punching me very hard in sparring!

Catterall’s not just a rough, tough ‘come forward’ southpaw. He learnt plenty sparring the likes of ‘Canelo’ and Mayweather and he’s come through the hard way, in the small halls. He’s passed some stiff tests.

Getting down to 10st appears to be causing Tyrone problems lately and he’s spoken about moving up. His most recent performances haven’t been his best.  He has the added motivation of keeping the Lonsdale Belt outright if he wins and, on top form, he’s very slick. But he can only box one way, capitalising on his physical advantages.

As challenger, Catterall will need to rip the belt from Tyrone and, if Nurse is tight at the weight, a late stoppage win is possible for Jack.

Josh Warrington (Unbeaten World Rated Featherweight)

I’ve always thought that Tyrone could do big things. He’s got massive talent; a great skill set, fantastic variety with all those short range hooks and uppercuts. He can attack from any angle and has great reflexes and defence. Trouble is, sometimes he switches off and breezes through fights, taking silly shots. He’ll not be able to do that for a second against someone as dangerous as Catterall.

Jack’s also a very talented fighter who sets traps. He moves about the ring doing little, then explodes with heavy combinations. It should be very entertaining and neither will have their own way throughout. At his best, Nurse wins on points.

Barry Jones (Ex WBO Super-Featherweight Champion)

I’m struggling. Jack’s the touted kid and should win but at times he focuses on looking good rather than being good. Sometimes he needs to be more effective.

Tyrone’s a real good 1980s style British champion. He takes no easy fights.  Catterall will need to start well because Nurse is really good at coasting on a lead once he hits his rhythm. 

I tentatively edge to Catterall. If he’s the fighter people say he is, he’ll raise his game here. Joe Hughes caused Tyrone trouble and Jack’s probably a better version of Hughes.

John Rawling (Commentator)

It’s a really good match-up and very, very difficult to call. Tyrone has home advantage, is significantly bigger and very unorthodox. How will Catterall cope with that? Also, there’s no margin for Nurse to lose, if he wishes to advance in the sport. Catterall is young enough to come again.

I think it’s largely down to what Nurse can bring on the night. If he has the energy to make Catterall fight for the full three minutes of every round, it’ll be an uncomfortable night for Jack. However, in recent fights, Nurse has had a few flat spots and, against Catterall, that’ll see him lose rounds and possibly get stopped.

I edge to Catterall but it’s certainly not a confident pick.

Terry Flanagan (WBO Lightweight Champion)

I’ve sparred ‘em both. Everyone knows Tyrone is a good boxer but so is Catterall. Jack can also punch a bit, but Tyrone’s never been stopped and this is his 40th fight.

When I sparred them, Tyrone was really tricky, hard to hit. He’s actually pretty good in close but this fight I’d advise him to keep it long. Catterall is very strong early but seems to tire a bit. Tyrone could come on in the latter rounds. I expect a good, cagey fight that could go either way. I’ll go for a draw!

Richie Woodhall (Ex WBC Super-Middleweight Champion)

It’s a very tough one for me, this. It’s going to be very close. I rate Jack Catterall.  He’s won 18 on the bounce and being southpaw against an orthodox fighter is usually an edge. But, in this instance, I think that’ll be offset by Nurse’s clear advantages in height and reach.

I’m expecting a tricky fight as opposed to a classic. Nurse must be a nightmare to fight, so tall, rangy and awkward. Very hard to get to. Style wise and frame wise, he’s similar to Bradley Skeete and similarly underestimated. I pick him to just edge out Catterall on points....and I mean just.

Alex Steedman (BoxNation Presenter)

I like this match a lot. Nurse is skilled, a bag of tricks and has the ability to outbox Catterall even though he can switch off. Catterall’s breakout win over Stalker seems a while ago now but he’s been threatening to explode and this could be the moment. If he’s sharp early and switched on, I think Catterall’s left hand power swings it. He might even look sensational.



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