Tyson Fury has told BoxNation viewers to tune in this weekend and see the Welterweight version of him, Lee Reeves.

The unbeaten Irishman makes his BoxNation debut in Ontario, Canada on Saturday when he bids for his fifth straight professional win.

Lineal Heavyweight Champ, Fury, was wowed by the southpaw when he watched him outpoint Edward Torres in March.

That is the only time the 24-year-old has been the distance and Fury said: “He’s fast, talented and super sexy. Actually, he reminds me of someone – me! Looks like Ireland has a new boxing star.”

He boxed out of the Corpus Christi club and was a two-time Irish Underage Champion and won the Senior A Title at the Haringey Box Cup in London earlier last year.

Reeves says: “To have the greatest Heavyweight of our generation backing me gives me confidence for my future in this sport.”

He opted to turn professional last year with Canadian promoter Lee Baxter and hopes the big Irish population in Toronto there will take him to their hearts.

He added: The city, the community, the people—they’ve been so gracious and quick to embrace me as one of their own. I fight proudly for the Irish and the Canadian people—and I’m excited to showcase my skills this weekend.”

His home city Limerick is known as ‘Stab City’, a nickname since the 1990s because of knife crime culture and that’s a path he could have taken.

“Kids at 10, 11 years old are faced with two choices,” Reeves told mtltimes.com.

“Sport - hard work, years of dedication and the slim chance of a better life - or the party lifestyle; fast money from gang activity and the drug culture.

“I remember seeing kids who were excellent footballers fall by the wayside - they’re sleeping on the streets, or worse.”

Reeves Hungarian opponent Dominik Csaba Karoly has lost just once in four contests, winning two, drawing and losing once. However he hasn’t boxed for 14 months and it’s primed for Reeves to shine.