The war of words between Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather has heated up after Broner released an astonishing 10-minute YouTube video firing back at Mayweather overnight.

Mayweather had slapped down Broner and told him he had a lot of growing up to do after the young braggart and four-weight world champion had said “I love my big brother Floyd Mayweather, but f*** the money team”.

Now the 25-year-old has replied, and in truly stunning fashion.

“I’ve been reaching out to you, but you ain’t answering the phone. The only way I could get your attention was through the Internet. And then you say some sh** about me winning my fourth world title. I learnt this sh** from you. You told me this out your own mouth. You said ‘we are in boxing to get the biggest reward for less punishment’. So for you to go talk about one of my accomplishments and downplay something that I did: that’s f***ed up,” ranted Broner.

“Ain’t no TMT fighter got 4 world championships in 4 weight classes, only you. So how the f*** could you downplay something you did?

“Come on Floyd. This sh**’s lame. Pick up your phone and call me.”

Watch Broner’s full and explosive video below.

** Warning: Strong language from the outset and throughout. This video has content which may offend viewers **