VIRGIL HUNTER has revealed that he still hammers Amir Khan with verbal bashings to inspire the welterweight star.

Virgil Hunter With Amir Khan

Khan's trainer insists he still jumps on Khan's mistakes despite his flawless performances against Luis Collazo and Devon Alexander last year.

It's believed those points beltings of the American pair have put the Bolton boxer on the cusp of a showdown against Floyd Mayweather in September.

Shock losses to Breidis Prescott and Danny Garcia in error strewn fights and a points setback against Lamont Peterson now appear to be distant nightmares suffered by the old fighting Khan.

But Hunter stills comes down on Khan who can't afford to get careless when he returns to BoxNation on Friday night for his 12 round showdown against Chris Algieri.

Hunter said, "if Amir truly wanted to, he could be great. So if I am upset with him it's not because he didn't do what I wanted him to do, it's that there are certain things in him that should never happen.

"He should never get hit with a sucker punch any more. With his ability, his speed, his intelligence; he should dominate the welterweight division.

Amir Khan With Virgil Hunter

"It takes time, it takes hard work, but that is what I am here for. The bar is set high because he has a gift.

"I don't want to sit around till I am 85 thinking that I failed this guy because all I wanted was a cheque, that I didn't say what I felt, that I didn't want to hurt his feelings instead of telling him like it was."

Hunter revealed that they even clashed last week at training camp with the former world light-welterweight champ explaining, "I told him off because he made a couple of mistakes I didn't like.

"But instead of getting out and feeling sorry he did the next round and everything he did was perfect.

"It's not so much as Amir doing what I want, it's about him doing what I know he is capable of doing. It's never what I want.

"I need to make sure I can live with myself get the best out of him because he is such a special talent.

Amir Khan V Devon Alexander

"Anybody who can go to the Olympics at 17 is for real. And then go all the way to the final, that's serious stuff. You are fighting guys you have never seen before and you are just a kid."

Hunter expects a big performance against tough Algieri, whose only loss came against Manny Pacquiao in November.

But Hunter knows he cannot be underestimated and warned, "Algieri is tough, but limited and in a position where he can redeem himself against Amir."