Danny Garcia's father and trainer Angel Garcia has labelled Shawn Porter's team as "clowns" for bringing in Shane Mosley for sparring.

Earlier this week, the former three-weight World Champion trained with Porter to try and replicate Garcia's style ahead of the September 8th showdown, live on BoxNation.

In the below video, Mosley attempts to land a number of wide hooks, similar to how Garcia throws them in the ring, albeit a tad slower than the Philadelphia native.

However after seeing the footage, Garcia was not impressed. He compared Mosley to the clown in the horror film 'IT' and wore a mask in front of the watching media to mock Mosley.

"Mosley's the 'IT', Porter's the bozo. They looked like two clowns, it's stupid," he told FightHype.

"That makes we wonder 'woah they really think it's that sweet?' That's scary because they signed him up. Why would he even bring Mosley in?"

Like Garcia, Porter is also coached by his father, Kenny. As well as Mosley, respected trainer Barry Hunter has also been part of the set-up.

"His dad has no confidence to go against me, coach against coach," argued the outspoken Garcia.

"Three guys making calls? That's bad. Too many chefs in the kitchen. They've lost the battle already, and we didn't even start the war yet!"