On Wednesday morning Jeff Horn defends his WBO World Welterweight Title against Gary Corcoran, but Corcoran’s trainer is concerned about Horn’s tactics.

Horn beat legend Manny Pacquiao in July of this year but it wasn’t without controversy. The Australian had been criticised for his aggressive tactics in that bout.

Corcoran’s trainer Frank Greaves believes his fighter will have to watch out for Horn’s roughhousing: “Jeff Horn is strong, he’s tough but he’s dirty! There’s no question he’s a dirty fighter.”

Greaves then pulled out a baseball hat with a boxing glove taped to it, insinuating that Horn uses his head excessively.

The London-based trainer then proceeded to play a series of highlights purportedly showing Horn leading with his head vs Pacquiao: “You can see what he’s doing, leading with his head. He leaves his head in there all the time. I just want to draw attention to that fact.

“If you strapped a glove to [Jeff Horn’s] head, it would probably be elite level. He uses it as often as his jab,” joked Greaves.

‘Hellraiser’ echoed his trainer’s statements. “It’s the way he fights. I’m expecting it. I’ve been headbutted before so it doesn’t bother me but Jeff is known for using his head. I’ll bite him if he does headbutt me. I’ve fought bigger boys than Jeff, bullied them - if I want to bully him, I will."

Watch Greaves' stunt from 12 seconds onwards below:

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