"That was the worst decision I’ve seen in the history of ShoBox,” proclaimed Showtime Boxing commentator Steve Farhood.

He had just seen Thomas Mattice climb off the floor to edge a split decision win over Zhora Hamazaryan on July 20th, with scores of 77-74 for the Armenian and 76-75 twice in favour of Mattice. Observers ringside were shocked at the decision.

On Friday 28th September, the Lightweights are set for a rematch to right the wrongs of their previous bout, live on BoxNation.

"I out-jabbed him and it may have looked like he was hitting me more but he wasn’t really touching me. The crowd was going crazy over him tapping my gloves. I outpointed him overall," Mattice recalled after the fight.

"I am extremely upset. I deserve a lot more being here in the United States," argued Hamazaryan. "I worked many years for this opportunity, and for the judges to take it from me is just terrible. I know I won."

As part of the build-up to next week's rematch, Showtime Boxing have released the full fight, which you can watch below: