Canelo Alvarez went through his paces at a pre-fight media workout in San Diego on Wednesday 31st August to help promote his World Title challenge against Liam Smith.

Alvarez meets Smith at the impressive home of the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday 17th September with the WBO World Super-Welterweight Title on the line.


“Getting to fight at the AT&T Stadium in Texas is a huge privilege for me and my career. Fighting on this weekend is powerful because it tells the story of Mexicans all over, making a win even more important. This fight is going to be historic. From the venue, the title, to the fans who are going to show up - I take all of this into consideration as I train hard for this match,” revealed the Mexican superstar who enters his landmark 50th pro fight.

"In our training we have taken a huge focus on the opponents fighting style - no matter what size or weight. Analysing, and breaking down the fighter's approach is what we go after in the ring. Just because Smith isn't very well known in the U.S. doesn't diminish how tough he is as an opponent. We expect him to be very powerful, and we are training for that."

Training camp has been gruelling but under the guidance of the Reynoso’s, Team Canelo are eyeing yet another World Title.

Head trainer Eddy Reynoso explained: "People can have their opinions on the fight. We are training for a world title fight, which is worth respecting. We are doing the work and training hard. Winning this fight is the focus and everything else will come.

Team Canelo are clearly wary of Smith’s power and solid body shots.

"We are working especially hard on defence. We are going to be working the counterpunches, and being able to counteract anything that Smith brings to the ring," continued Reynoso.

The experienced Jose ‘Chepo’ Reynoso, who manages and trains Canelo, added: "Liam Smith offers us the opportunity to be at the top.”

Defending Champion Beefy has racked up an explosive KO streak which has not gone unnoticed.

Chepo was respectful of Smith’s accolades and insists his team are well prepared for battle.

“His last eight fights have all been won via knock out. He is a dangerous fighter, and just because he isn't known here doesn't take away his potential. Smith has to be doing something right to be able to have such powerful victories under his belt, and that has given us an indicator that he is dangerous, and we have to be careful to not enter the ring too confident. We are working our defence specifically for this fight, because we don't want one of his punches to catch us off guard."

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