Manny Pacquiao and Jessie Vargas spoke to the press ahead of their WBO Welterweight Title clash in Las Vegas this weekend.

“I’m so excited for this Saturday,” said 37-year-old ‘Pac Man’. “I’m sure it’s going to be a good fight. We’re going to entertain people, it’s nothing personal we’re just doing our job. It’s an honour for me to challenge a champion. He’s defending his belt and I respect that.

“Being a Senator and a fighter is not easy. You were right, it’s not easy working in the office while you’re training. I’ll tell you this - don’t do it!” joked the Filipino.

Vargas appeared relaxed and confident at the presser, stating that he is ready for whatever the challenger brings on Saturday night.

“I’ve had the best training camp to date. Either way, if he wants to sneak over to the left we’ll catch him there or to the right we’ll get him there,” said the Champion.

“We’re ready, I’ve wanted this fight for quite some time now. Why? Because Manny was known as the best. In order to be known as the best you have to beat the best.”

Freddie Roach added: “We had a great training camp in the Philippines, we spent five weeks together. He trained really well. The last two weeks in Los Angeles have been great too. I can’t wait for this fight to happen.”


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