FOR every father-son success story in boxing, the sport is littered with cases of broken relationships that may never be mended.

Ricky Hatton’s relationship with his father, Ray who handled the business side of his career hit the skids after the boxer’s loss to Manny Pacquiao.

More recently, Amir Khan has been at loggerheads with his father Shah who has been a major player in his career.

Of course, there are wonderful father-son stories like the Calzaghes and Woodhalls. In Belfast, Jamie and Michael Conlan’s dad, John has played a major part in coaching them as amateurs.

Next week, a truly unbreakable dad and his boy bond, Tyrone Nurse and Chris Aston faces their toughest test of their fighting lives.

Nurse defends his British super-lightweight title against Jack Catterall, one of biggest hopes in British boxing at Leeds Arena on October 21.

Tyrone will barely remember his dad’s boxing days, having been born 18 months before the old man turned professional in October 1991.

He was just five-years-old when Aston retired with a patchy record, but a reputation as a gritty operator.

It was around this time that Tyrone started boxing and although he wasn’t forced into the ring, Chris soon made sure he would go through boxing’s school of hard knocks his way.

He would often let his son bunk from school to spar with seasoned pros like Anthony Crolla, Stephen Foster Jr and Carl Johanneson, devoting his life to training Tyrone.

Aston has always kept it old school believing his boy would learn in fights and sparring, clocking up miles travelling around Britain and Europe.

There are around 900 licensed boxers in Britain, and none of them will spar as many rounds as Nurse does.

Nurse and Aston have done it there way. There have been a couple of bumps, but becoming British champion has justified their belief of learning on the job.

Whatever the result next week, this is one dad and son partnership that nobody will ever snap.

BILLY JOE SAUNDERS will be licking his lips at the prospect of defending his WBO middleweight title against Canadian David Lemieux.

It’s a magnificent match ordered by the WBO between a man blessed with wonderful boxing skills and knockout artist, Lemieux.

Promoter Frank Warren will be sure to pull out all the stops to get Saunders home advantage which could be huge.

Looking at the Twitter war between the pair already nobody will be ducking out of the fight.

Through no fault of his own, Saunders has been unable to lure Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin into the ring.

Beat Lemieux in style and there may be nowhere for the big two to hide.

LAST week I had the pleasure of filming an upcoming Fighter By Trade with Carl Frampton at his new training base in Astley on the outskirts of Manchester.

The two-weight world champion was impressive to deal with and has clearly settled under new trainer Jamie Moore who isn’t planning too many adjustments.

Moore deserves a break as trainer and if he gets the success, there are likely to be a procession of talented boxers knocking on the door.