Ahead of the salivating BoxNation screened English Light-Heavyweight Title clash at Preston’s Guild Hall this Saturday, Cumbria’s fast improving Liam Conroy and Bushey’s former junior sensation Miles Shinkwin inform Glynn Evans why they expect to get their arm raised.

Champion Liam Conroy: ‘One way or another, I get ‘em!’

‘I turned pro very young and did all my learning on the job and in quality spars with the likes Matty Clarkson, Martin Murray, Luke Blackledge and Mark Heffron. I started down at Middleweight and was just training to lose weight. Now I fight at a weight I’m comfortable at.

‘I believe I’m quite well rounded and can show something different every fight. At times, I’ve boxed clever but I’ve also been in a few wars. I’m strong, always fit, and entertaining to watch. I’ve stopped a few early because my timing’s good and a few late because my conditioning wears them down. One way or another, I get ‘em.

‘I’ve fought away for my last couple so I’m very grateful for the opportunity to perform close to home. Miles is very experienced and has been in the away corner before so he won’t be fazed but it certainly helps put me in a positive mood. Tune into this rather than Cardiff because there’s some proper fights on the undercard.

‘I like how Miles operates. He’s a classy boxer, a nifty mover, good all round. He’s done the distance before in hard fights. It’s gonna be a tricky one, hardest of my career. We bring similar qualities but I win because I’m better in more areas. This is my first televised fight for quite a while so hopefully, by winning in an emphatic manner, I can remain on TV, in big fights.’

Challenger Miles Shinkwin: ‘I’m Faster, Have Better Shot Selection and a Better Boxing IQ.’

‘Travelling north isn’t an issue. Remember, I challenged Hosea Burton for the British Title in Manchester and fought Joel McIntyre down in Portsmouth.

‘When I first turned pro six years ago, I had designs on all the big titles right up to world level but, after losing three of my last five, this is win or bust for me, a million percent. I’ve not lost any fights through lack of ability. It’s all been down to mental mistakes on my part. Against Burton, the occasion of boxing for the British Title got to me and when things got a little ‘on top’, I lost my head.

‘But I know what I’m capable of achieving on any given night, if my head’s right and I’m on top of my game. I know I’m far better than just Southern Area level. I owe it to my trainer Don Charles, my family, my two little girls. Above all, I owe it to myself.

‘I don’t know a huge amount about Conroy other than he used to be a Middleweight who was stopped inside a round by Cello Renda. However, the fact that he knocked out Joel McIntrye inside two rounds earned my immediate respect. I’ve got 30 minutes on the night to figure him out and stamp my authority.

‘It’ll probably be a better fight to watch than Joshua-Parker. We’re two fighters still trying to make our name. Styles should gel very nicely. Liam’s naturally aggressive and likes to come forward so I can’t see any way it could be a bad fight. He possibly punches harder with his right hand but that alone won’t be enough to win him the fight. I believe I’m faster, have a better shot selection and a better boxing IQ.’


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