It's been over seven months since Floyd Mayweather's unanimous decision point’s victory over Manny Pacquiao.

Dubbed "the fight of the century" it's fair to say the bout failed to live up to its billing.

Joining an illustrious list on 49-0 with the subsequent victory over Andre Berto – One question remains, will Floyd Mayweather return in 2016?


If you look up the WBA World Rankings, you'll see who is listed as their Champion in the 147 and 154 divisions... A certain Floyd Mayweather.

Surely if Floyd was hell-bent on retiring those titles would have been vacated by now? Granted the WBC Titles have been given up, but the WBA are arguably the least pushy of the four governing bodies to enforce mandatory obligations.

Has ‘Money May’ kept those Titles to showcase his 50th bout a World Title contest?

The much coveted Cinco de Mayo date in May has been a regular Mayweather diary date in years gone by though Oscar De La Hoya has seemingly claimed the date for Canelo but we have seen that change in recent years.

After cherry picking Andre Berto to joust in his last fight it's hard to pin point who could line up in the opposing corner should Floyd return to the ring.

Canelo? Khan? Garcia? Thurman? Brook?

There’s pro’s and con’s for each of those five but after the Berto pick, a name could come from leftfield.

A brand spanking new arena is due to open in Las Vegas in April/May which would tie in nicely for Floyd's 50th fight and the grand opening.

MGM Arena

(Photo credit: MGM Las Vegas Arena)

The 38 year old is Las Vegas’ favourite prodigal son after all. The lure of being centre stage at the 20,000 capacity venue on opening night may be too much to resist – even for Mayweather.

Will it happen? Time will tell, Floyd has "retired" before but its business as usual... He loves to keep us talking about him and second guessing.