After the controversial ending to their bloody battle in April, feuding rivals Liam Smith and Liam Williams clashed on Twitter last week.

A rematch is planned for later this year to allow time for both men to recover from nasty cuts.

Smith responded to one of Williams' tweets about when their mouth-watering second fight will take place, and the argument escalated from there.

"September, October, now November. Joke, we're both in the same boat with cuts, fight should be happening September," stated the Scouser.

Williams, who suffered his first defeat as a professional at the Manchester Arena, explained that he had fractured his hand as well as suffering a horrendous cut on his eye.

"You need the fight more than me mate so don't kid yourself," replied the Welshman.

Smith clearly took exception to that comment, and fired back: "U quit u sh*thouse, once the going got tuff (sic)."

On April 8th, Williams started well but 'Beefy' rallied after the middle rounds. A clash of heads in the ninth left Williams with a horrible wound on his right eye, but it appeared the cut may have opened up before the incident.