Tempers flared at Thursday's press conference between Jessie Magdaleno and Isaac Dogboe, and the verbal sparring got personal.

On Saturday, the unbeaten Super-Bantamweights go to battle for Magdaleno's WBO belt in Philadelphia, live on BoxNation.

Last month, Dogboe's father started the trash talk by saying: "We hope Magdaleno will not run like a chicken. We are ready to eat him like a chicken. We are focused, and our only mission is to devour him, eat the crazy chicken."

When the fighters met face-to-face at the final presser, Dogboe wasted no time in trying to get under his opponent's skin as he called Magdaleno "the worst World Champion ever" before questioning whether he could make the weight.

"You look worse than me," Magdaleno responded. "You look like an alien."

Dogboe mentioned that Magdaleno had blocked him on Facebook when the fight was announced: "I guess I send shivers into people's spines."

"I can't beat him any uglier than he already is," the Mexican-American fired back. "He's dog ugly. Come Saturday, we're going to give him the name that he deserves...the ugly Dogboe."

Then, things got really personal.

"When I knock you out cold, that's when I'm going to feel really sorry for your son, your little son, because he's going to be crying seeing his father [knocked out] cold," Dogboe said.

"Don't bring my son into this!" Magdaleno said. "I'll knock your ass out right now. I'll slap the sh*t out of you."

"Save it for Saturday," added Dogboe.

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